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         Non Conceptual
          Ever Fresh
          Self Shining
          Presence Awareness
          Just This
          Nothing Else

          Sanskrit, literally translated as:
          not (a) two (dvaita).
          (Adjective - advitIya - unique,
           without a second.)

       Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

        Sailor Bob Adamson

   "What's wrong with right now,
     unless you think about it?"

                     Sailor Bob Adamson.

    "Know yourself."
     Inscribed above the Portal to
     the Temple of Apollo, at Delphi
     in Ancient Greece.

    "Why are you unhappy?
     Because 99.9 percent
     Of everything you think,
     And of everything you do,
     Is for yourself -
     And there isn't one."
                                Wei Wu Wei.

"The seeker is he who is in search
     of himself. Give up all questions
     except one: ‘Who am I?’.  After all,
     the only fact you are sure of is that
     you are.
    The ‘I am’ is certain. The ‘I am this’
     is not. Struggle to find out what you
     are in reality. To know what you are,
     you must first investigate and know
     what you are not.  Discover all that
     you are not - body, feelings,
     thoughts, time, space, this or that --
     nothing, concrete or abstract, which
     you perceive can be you. The very
     act of perceiving shows that you are
     not what you perceive. The clearer
     you understand on the level of mind
     you can be described in negative
     terms only, the quicker will you
     come to the end of your search and
     realise that you are the limitless
                Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Everyone is self shining.  Everything is self shining.  No beginning is necessary, and no end is required.  Everywhere we look - life, beingness, consciousness, oneness is shining.

It appears to us as our world, but we are not separate from our world, and neither is their any thing that shines.

What is not born, does not die.  But the appearance of things appearing and disappearing all the time creates the illusion, in our thoughts, of separateness.

There is no separate self which
has a birth or a death, except in thought.

There is a knowing that we exist, without thinking about it.  Under
circumstances can we say
that we do not exist.

The thought "I am" or "I exist", is
the birth of the concept of a self, in

But there is no separate self, apart from the thought "I am separate".
there is no discrete mind,
apart from the thought "mind".

We can't even say what our next thought is going to be!  Neither can we identify a particular spot from where thought begins.

Seeing, hearing, smelling, thinking
all exist before the thought "I am
seeing", or "I am thinking".  Being exists before the thought "I am".

The death of this separate self, is
to see the thought "I am separate"
what it really is, just another

This is what "to die before you die" means - the death of an investment
the concept of a separate self, before an apparent physical death.

Separateness is a myth, the story
we tell each other out of habit.

All we need to do to break this
habit, is to search for the point of
separation.  When we see that it does not exist, it will be the end
of all our

This is the truth of Advaita, or Non-Duality.
                             Robert Marston.
                             May 2011.

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